Commissioned Digital Art


dog portraitCommissioned Digital Art

Commissioned Digital Art

One thing I love to do is digital art. Whether it is a portrait of your dog, fantasy poster of yourself (not naked) or a cool event poster I would love to get started!

I created these custom portraits with Photoshop (airbrush tool) and Illustrator as a personal project and decided to make it available for a custom order. I am providing a variety of styles that I did in the past that I can duplicate with an image that you provide. Has to be a photo that  you took, because of copyright issues. I can also create custom art, but the price depends on what you are requesting. Sometimes it takes up to 8 hours or more to create. Lets get started.

Once I have finished your portrait I will supply you with the artwork digital file only. .jpg and .tiffComissioned Portrait


1 high resolution file for PAPER or CANVAS printing. The portrait is sized to 16 x 20 inches, I can make it smaller just let me know before I get started. I can always crop the image, but you might be missing some images in the background.


1. Attach your favorite photo and email to me (please make sure the photo is of high quality)
   I will send you a design brief to get more of an idea of what you want.
2. I will contact you in approx. 1 week with an image for you to review
3. I will send you a proof copy.
3. I will make up to three changes before approval.
4. Once approved I will send you your digital copy.

Either print at home or most local print-shops will do paper prints and stretched canvas prints very cheaply from your image.

Your portrait image will make a great present or for personal use, but this is not for commercial use (unless it is an event poster)- you cannot sell the image or sell prints. They have copyrights by me – Cyndiadesigns